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80s Old School Hip Hop

  Song Artist  
Freedom Grandmaster Flash And The Furious 5
Body Rock Treacherous Three
Adventures Of Super Rhyme Jimmy Spicer
High Power Rap Disco Dave
That's the Joint Funky Four Plus One, Rae and Christian
Love Rap Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous Three
Monster Jam Spoonie Gee
Do You Like That Funky Beat Kool Kyle
The Breaks Kurtis Blow
8th Wonder The Sugarhill Gang
Double Dutch Bus Frankie Smith
Spoonie Is Back Spoonie Gee
The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel Grandmaster Flash
Disco Dream Disco Dream Machine
Feel the Heart Beat Treacherous Three
Let's Dance (Make Your Body Move) West Street Mob
Pump Me Up Trouble Funk
Genius Rap Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde
It's Nasty (Genius of Love) Grandmaster Flash And The Furious 5
The Birthday Party Grandmaster Flash And The Furious 5
We Want To Rock Crash Crew
Apache The Sugarhill Gang
Jazzy Sensation Afrika Bambaataa
Must Be the Music Secret Weapon
The Message Grandmaster Flash
Funk Box Party Masterdon Committee
Rockin' It Fearless Four
Scorpio Furious Five
The Bubble Bunch Jimmy Spicer
Funky Soul Makossa Nairobi
Making Cash Money Busy Bee
Weekend Cold Crush Brothers
Breaking Bells (Take Me To The Mardi Gras) Crash Crew
Drop the Bomb Trouble Funk
Flash To The Beat Grand Master Flash
Hip Hop Bee Bop (Don't Stop) Man Parrish
Play at Your Own Risk Planet Patrol
Planet Rock Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Looking for the Perfect Beat Afrika Bambaataa
The Return of Captain Rock Captain Rock
On the Radio Crash Crew
New York New York Grandmaster Flash
Buffalo Gals Malcolm McLaren
Play That Beat, Mr. DJ G.L.O.B.E. & WHIZ KID
Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) Hashim
Catch the Beat T-Ski Valley
The Haunted House of Rock Whodini
Fresh Fresh 3 MC`s
Starski, Live at the Disco Fever Lovebug Starski
Money (Dollar Bill Y'all) Jimmy Spicer
The New Rap Language Treacherous Three
Whip It Treacherous Three
White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel
Sucker D.J.'s (I Will Survive) Dimples D.
At the Party Treacherous Three
Electric Kingdom Twilight 22
Hey DJ World's Famous Supreme Team
Fresh, Wild, Fly and Bold Cold Crush Brothers
Roxanne, Roxanne UTFO
30 Days Run-D.M.C.
AJ Scratch Kurtis Blow
Big Mouth Whodini
The Real Roxanne Real Roxanne, U.T.F.O., The
Hard Times Run-D.M.C.
Rock Box Run-D.M.C.
Here Comes That Beat! Pumpkin And The Profile All-Stars
Fat Boys Fat Boys
Freaks Come Out at Night Whodini
Friends Whodini
Roxanne's Revenge Roxanne Shante
Sucker M.C.'s (Krush-Groove 1) Run-D.M.C.
Wake Up Run-D.M.C.
It's Like That Run-D.M.C.
Jail House Rap Fat Boys
Jam-Master Jay Run-D.M.C.
What People Do for Money Divine Sounds
Five Minutes of Funk Whodini
What Are We Gonna to Do Ultimate 3 Mc's
Human Beat Box Fat Boys
Jam on It Newcleus
Stick 'Em Fat Boys
Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wiki Song) Newcleus
Basketball Kurtis Blow
8 Million Stories Kurtis Blow
Escape Whodini
Hollis Crew Run-D.M.C.
The Rappin' Duke Shawn Brown a.k.a. The Rappin' Duke
Larry's Dance Theme Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Request Line Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three
The Fat Boys Are Back Fat Boys
King of Rock Run-D.M.C.
Choice MC's feat Fresh Gordon Beat Of The Street
Step Off Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five
I Need A Beat LL Cool J
Just Call Us Def Steady B
I Can't Live Without My Radio LL Cool J
Rock The Bells LL Cool J
All You Can Eat Fat Boys
PSK, What Does It Mean? Schoolly D
If I Ruled The World Kurtis Blow
Itchin' For A Scratch Force M.D.'s
King Kut Word Of Mouth
Dream Team Is In The House LA Dream Team
La Di Da Di Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh
Fresh Is The Word Mantronix
Bite It UTFO
A Fly Guy Pebblee-Poo
Leader Of The Pack UTFO
Bad Boys Bad Boys Featuring K Love
Nightmares Dana Dane
Just Buggin' ( Nothing Serious ) Whistle
The Roof Is On Fire Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three
Gordy's Groove Choice MC's
A Fly Girl Boogie Boys
You Talk Too Much Run-D.M.C
Needle To The Groove Mantronix
Can You Rock It Like This Run-D.M.C
Veronica Bad Boys feat. K-Love
Krush Groovin Krush Groove All Stars
Girls The B-Boys
Jock Box Skinny Boys
Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh) Salt-N-Pepa
Roxanne Shante Vs Sparky Dee Round 1 Roxanne Shante / Sparky Dee
Marley Marl Scratch Marley Marl
Dear Yvette LL Cool J
The Show Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick
Hardcore Hip-Hop Kurtis Mantronik
Human Beat Box, Pt. 2 Fat Boys
You Ain't Fresh Boogie Boys
Gucci Time Schoolly D
Bring The Beat Back Steady B
Walk This Way Run-D.M.C
My Melody Eric B. & Rakim
Eric B is president Eric B & Rakim
Nuthin Doug E. Fresh/The Get Fresh Crew
All The Way To Heaven Doug E. Fresh/The Get Fresh Crew
The Def Fresh Crew Roxanne Shante
Bang Zoom! (Let's Go-Go) Real Roxanne
Scratchin To The Funk Doctor Funnkenstein and DJ Cash Money
Go See The Doctor Kool Moe Dee
Pee-Wee's Dance Joeski Love
Look At All These Roaches Bobby Jimmy And The Critters
One Love Whodini
Mr. Big Stuff Heavy D. & The Boyz
Brooklyn's In The House Cutmaster D.C.
Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
The Bridge MC Shan
It's Tricky Run-D.M.C.
You Be Illin' Run-D.M.C.
Hit It Run Run-D.M.C.
My Adidas Run-D.M.C
Peter Piper Run-D.M.C.
Hold It, Now Hit It Beastie Boys
South Bronx Boogie Down Productions
My 9mm Goes Bang Boogie Down Productions
Brass Monkey Beastie Boys
Beat Biter MC Shan
Bassline Mantronix
Saturday Night Schoolly D
Funky Beat Whodini
It's A Demo Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing MC Shan
Super Hoe Boogie Down Productions
Go Stetsa 1 Stetsasonic
LaToya Just-Ice
I Get Rough Mikey D and the L.A. Posse
E-Vette Money E-Vette's Revenge
Paul Revere Beastie Boys
Perfection Run-D.M.C.
Proud to Be Black Run-D.M.C.
Dumb Girl Run-D.M.C.
Tramp Salt-N-Pepa
My Mic Sounds Nice Salt-N-Pepa
I'll Take Your Man Salt-N-Pepa
(Nothing Serious) Just Buggin' Whistle
Chick on the Side Salt-N-Pepa
Christmas In Hollis Run-D.M.C.
Kick The Ball Krown Rulers
Cold Gettin' Dumb Just-Ice
Paid In Full Eric B. & Rakim
Rebel Without a Pause Public Enemy
I Ain't No Joke Eric B. & Rakim
I Know You Got Soul Eric B. & Rakim
You're Gonna Get Yours Public Enemy
Public Enemy No. 1 Public Enemy
Going Back to Cali LL Cool J
Jack the Ripper LL Cool J
Raw (Remix) Big Daddy Kane
Top Billin' Audio Two
I Need Love LL Cool J
Nobody Beats the Biz! Biz Markie
I'm Bad LL Cool J
Move the Crowd Eric B. & Rakim
The Godfather Spoonie Gee
The Bridge Is Over Boogie Down Productions
Funky Ultramagnetic MC's
Push It Salt 'n' Pepa
Wild, Wild West Kool Moe Dee
Poetry Boogie Down Productions
Elementary Boogie Down Productions
How Ya Like Me Now Kool Moe Dee
Wipeout Fat Boys
Get Into It Big Daddy Kane
Pickin' Boogers Biz Markie
A Touch of Jazz DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
This Cut's Got Flavor Latee
Jimbrowski Jungle Brothers
Ugly People Be Quiet DJ Cash Money & Marvelous
Have a Nice Day Roxanne Shante
Cinderfella Dana Dane Dana Dane
Going Way Back Just-Ice
I Got da Feelin' Sweet Tee
Juice Crew Dis Cool C
Do The James Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud
Rock the House DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
Down By Law MC Shan
Project 'Ho MC Shan
Kill That Noise MC Shan
Miuzi Weighs a Ton Public Enemy
The 900 Number The 45 King & Louie
As the Rhyme Goes On Eric B & Rakim
Criminal Minded Boogie Down Productions
Bring the Noise Public Enemy
The Overweight Lovers in the House Heavy D & the Boyz
Ego Tripping Ultramagnetic MC's
It's My Thing EPMD
You're a Customer EPMD
Supersonic J.J. Fad
Because I Got It Like That Jungle Brothers
Strong Island JVC Force
Dopeman N.W.A.
8 Ball N.W.A.
Let's Get It Started M.C. Hammer
Follow the Leader Eric B. & Rakim
Children's Story Slick Rick
Ain't No Half Steppin' Big Daddy Kane
Don't Believe the Hype Public Enemy
Prophets of Rage Public Enemy
It Takes Two Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock
Night of the Living Baseheads Public Enemy
Buffalo Stance Neneh Cherry
Strictly Business EPMD
You Gots to Chill EPMD
The Symphony Marley Marl
Talkin' All That Jazz Stetsasonic
Run's House Run-D.M.C.
Beats to the Rhyme Run-D.M.C.
Gangsta Gangsta N.W.A
Microphone Fiend Eric B. & Rakim
My Philosophy Boogie Down Productions
Wild Thing Tone-Loc
Parents Just Don't Understand DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Straight Outta Compton N.W.A
Mary Mary Run-D.M.C.
Vapors Biz Markie
Wrath of Kane Big Daddy Kane
Set It Off Big Daddy Kane
I'll House You Jungle Brothers
Ease Back Ultramagnetic MC's
Joy and Pain Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock
Straight Out The Jungle Jungle Brothers
Freaky Tales Too $hort
Eazy-Duz-It Eazy-E
I'm Housin' EPMD
I'll Take You There Big Daddy Kane
Paper Thin MC Lyte
Turn This Mutha Out M.C. Hammer
We Want Eazy Eazy-E
Wrath of My Madness Queen Latifah
Jack of Spades Boogie Down Productions
Sally Stetsasonic
Biz Is Goin' Off Biz Markie
Do This My Way Kid 'n Play
I'm Still No 1 Boogie Down Productions
This Is Something for the Radio Biz Markie
Get Up Everybody Salt 'n' Pepa
From Da Giddy Up Three Times Dope
Go On Girl Roxanne Shante
My Part of Town Tuff Crew
Serious Steady B
Shake Your Thang Salt-N-Pepa
Albee Square Mall Biz Markie
Super Casanova Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud
Howie's Teed Off The Real Roxanne
Last Night Kid 'N Play
Hey Young World Slick Rick
Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz Biz Markie
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos Public Enemy
On the Bugged Tip Big Daddy Kane
Express Yourself N.W.A.
Fuck tha Police N.W.A.
Plug Tunin' De La Soul
Do it my Way Kid 'N Play
Keep Risin to the Top Doug E. Fresh
New Jack Swing Wreckx-N-Effect
Greatest Man Alive Three Times Dope
Fight the Power Public Enemy
Me Myself and I De La Soul Me
The Humpty Dance Digital Underground
Buddy (Remix) De La Soul
I Left My Wallet in El Segundo A Tribe Called Quest
Doowutchyalike Digital Underground
So Wat Cha Sayin' EPMD
Mona Lisa Slick Rick
Funky Cold Medina Tone-Loc
I Got It Made Special Ed
Me So Horny 2 Live Crew
It's Funky Enough The D.O.C.
The Gas Face 3rd Bass
Ladies First Queen Latifah
Brooklyn Queens 3rd Bass
Smooth Operator Big Daddy Kane
I Get the Job Done Big Daddy Kane
Ya Bad Chubbs Chubb Rock
I Go to Work Kool Moe Dee
Road to the Riches Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
You Must Learn Boogie Down Productions
Cha Cha Cha MC Lyte
Rollin' With Kid 'N Play Kid 'n Play
Self Destruction The Stop the Violence Movement
Somebody for Me Heavy D & The Boyz
Rap Summary (Lean On Me) Big Daddy Kane
The D.O.C. & The Doctor The D.O.C.
Think About It Special Ed
The Rhythm Kwame
Funky Dividends Three Times Dope
Going Steady Steady B
Rhythm Is the Master DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip
Glamourous Life Cool C
Bust a Move Young MC
Formula The D.O.C.
Gyrlz, They Love Me Heavy D & the Boyz
I Gotta Habit Cool C
I'm That Type of Guy LL Cool J
I'm the Magnificent Special Ed
Manifest Gang Starr
Pimpin' Ain't Easy Big Daddy Kane
We Got Our Own Thang Heavy D & the Boyz
Young, Gifted and Black Big Daddy Kane
Welcome to the Terrordome Public Enemy
Just a Friend Biz Markie